Rob’s Worm Farm & The Quest for Awesome Soil

Something odd that I’d long been wanting to try my hand at is vermiculture. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by the process in which those wiggly little beasts turned most any biomass into that wondrous black growing medium we call worm castings. Well… Maybe not the “process” so much, since it’s literally just poop. The point is, it’s AWESOME. It’s a tremendous germination medium as well.

I recently tossed in a mango seed. The worms devoured the excess fruit and within a couple of weeks the seed had already begin to germinate inside of the box. Toss in the scrapings of a single papaya and in short order you’ll have enough sprouts to start an entire farm!



2 thoughts on “Rob’s Worm Farm & The Quest for Awesome Soil”

    1. Well, I would very much love to figure out a way to market them or even just sustain the family by putting them to work for us. At the moment, the best way I’ve been able to utilize them is in seed germination. I’ve just been tossing extra seeds in the box when I feed them papaya scraps. They seem to germinate really fast inside the box, but when I pull out the castings and try to germinate the in pots I seem to have a lower rate of success. I figure that if I can germinate enough seeds, I could at least make a few bucks selling the plants. 🙂


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